Sous Vide Wizard: A Kitchen Tool

If you are a food maker, perhaps you might be interested in this new tool. It sounds like cooking in a plastic bag. Oh really? Can you cook in a plastic bag? Is that even possible? Well, let us see.

The method is commonly called as Sous Vide. A French word which I really don’t know what it means. In a dictionary, it is defined as partial cooking of the food. After such, it is then sealed in a vacuum then chilled. Well, that sounds edible now! Sous vide literally means “under vacuum”. So how is it being done?

Use a Sous Vide Wizard

Let us say you are to cook a meat. Considering its texture and other several factors, you decide to prepare it via the Sous-vide method. Well, you need a plastic pouch. Of course, there are plastic pouches ready to be used in cooking.
Let it be cooked in a steamy environment for about 7 hours. During the process, you might need a device called Sous Vide Wizard and a Wi-Fi. Why? Cooking in long hours like this process does not need to be attended that long as well. You can do other household chores.

The Sous Vide Wizard is used to remind you of what you have been cooking. Well, that sounds good especially if you are a forgetful type. Sous vide has been widely used by chefs all over the world and the result is just tasty amazing. You can look more on this by looking on what other chefs are doing to improve their cooking.

All of us can become a cook; but not a chef. In fact, many of us know how to cook some of the basic foods we know. But, to learn another method of cooking, that can be pretty fun exciting. Try Sous vide cooking!

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